The Pro-Lite Gift Givers Guide For The Traveling Surfer

The Pro-Lite Gift Givers Guide For The Traveling Surfer

Finding the right holiday gift can be tough. Sure, a Christmas list comes in handy with our children, as they can be fixated on the very product they want to see under the tree and thoughtfully lay it out for us in order of relevance or desire so that we can use it like a grocery list on our run to the local supermarket, checking off items as we go. 

But what about gifts for the older ones we love who have a passion for surfing that we recognize, but fall short in our own knowledge of the tools they would require. When we find that we ourselves have little to no knowledge of the equipment they need, and are left without the benefit of a “Christmas List” that seems to escape relevance around age 13. We soon turn to gift cards, which can be effective, yet very impersonal. Having the value printed right on the card sometimes creates a value equation of $ being the measure of their importance to us.  How can you possibly keep the personal touch of a well thought out gift without a bit of guidance?

Relax…..  Whether you are a seasoned surfer or not sure what gear a surfer may need, we at Pro-Lite are here to help……

The Pro-Lite Guide To Gifts For Surfers


Surf Leashes: Cost $24-$36

What you need to know about purchasing a Surf Leash:

When shopping for a leash for your gift recipient, here are some basic rules to help you make the right selection when making your purchase.

  1. What size is the surfboard they are riding? This can be found usually written on the bottom of the surfboard. Ex- 5’11” x 19 “x 2.25” the number in red is going to be your focal point.
  2. What size should I get? You want to try and match (closest to)  the length of the surfboard in feet.  In this case, a 5’11” board would best be served by a 6ft leash.  A board that is 7’-7’6” would require a 7 ft leash and so on. 
  3. Most Popular The Freesurf leash is the most popular thickness in our line, and usually the safest bet for an “all around” selection. It works in a large variety of conditions and is very dependable. While the "Comp" style surfboard leashes are more suited for smaller waves and/or boards, a good option for the younger surfers.

surfboard leashes wilko

You can view our entire surf leash collection here.

Tie Down Straps $26-$32

A pair of adjustable straps that are mostly used to strap surfboards and bags to the roof of any car, regardless of make and model.  Made of durable nylon they can secure all types of cargo, with a strong and easy to use adjustable cam, the applications are countless. The Tie Down strap is the traveling surfers must have item.  It’s small packaging makes it easy to pack and store, but plays a crucial role in both the casual surfers daily routine, or the globe trotting wave hunter. 

tie down straps

The surfer pictured above regrets not using tie downs.

Straps are available in:

10 Foot (best for local trips or trips with 1-2 board bags)  and great for securing surfboards on SUV’s with existing factory racks.

15 Foot- will accommodate securing multiple boardbags to the roof of any taxi to and from the airport.

15 Foot Survivor- Super heavy duty, for the extensive traveler or best used for larger quantities and sizes of surfboards.


Used for strapping boards to the roof of your car sans travel bags and luggage racks, these are a great gift for the surfer who has a compact car or sedan, to secure your board to the roof of the car, and make room for their friends inside. 

Available in:

 Single Soft Rack- accommodates  1-3 Shortboards or 2 longboards

Double Soft Rack- accommodates 2-6 shortboards or up to 4 longboards

surfboard roof rack pads

Matt Wilkinson secures the Single Soft Racks to the roof of his car.


SUV or Van?  No problem getting the boards on the roof with your existing factory or aftermarket luggage rack with Pro Lite Rack Pads.  Available in single round for Yakima style 1 inch round cross bars or square bars, and flat for the blade style crossbars.  2 sizes to choose from and two fits available to keep cushion and protect from dings caused by the crossbars.  Used in conjunction with tie down straps to protect and secure their precious cargo.

Standard Round- Fits square bars and accommodates the width of 1 board.  Some people opt for two sets for boards to sit side by side. These pads are 19" wide.

Standard Flat- Fits aero racks or “blade” style cross bars and accommodates the width of 1 board.  Some people opt for two sets for boards to sit side by side. These pads are 19" wide.

Wide Round Pad- Fits square bars and accommodates the width of 2 boards or a better fit for an SUP.  Usually will cover the entire bar of a SUV. These pads are 31" wide.

Wide Flat Pad- Fits most factory blade style cross bars and accommodates the width of 2 short boards or a better fit for an SUP.  Usually will cover the entire bar of a SUV. These pads are 31" wide.


What would a traveling surfer be without a nice bag to protect his or her boards? Last, but certainly not least on our list is travel bags. Whether a trip requires taking 1-2 boards or 5+ to the other side of the world with confidence, there is an option for everyone.

For the surfer taking 1-2 surfboards:

Rhino Series Bags- Our Rhino series bags offer a light weight and durable option for the minimalist taking only 1-2 boards and little extra gear. These bags are available in a shortboard style, fish/hybrid for wider surfboards and a longboard template.

Rhino Surfboard Travel Bag

Cam Richards with the Rhino 1-2 Shortboard surf travel bag.

For the surfer taking 3-4 boards:

Smuggler Series Bag- The Smuggler surfboard travel bag is designed for the surfer taking 2-3 surfboards and hides one board when opened up for that pre-flight check. A good opportunity to save on board fees on the next surf trip. This bag is also available in a fish/hybrid template for surfers with larger/wider surfboards.

1-2-3 Convertible Bag-  (shown in main image above) The Convertible travel bag is designed to hold up to 3 shortboard style boards in their own compartments. Once at your destination the bag can unzip at the center, allowing for two durable, single board day use bags. Learn more about this bag here.

Finless Coffin Bags- Our Finless Coffin series bags offer a step up from the Rhino bags in extra gear carrying capacity while still being relatively light weight overall. Our coffin style bags open fully on top allowing for easy arrangement of surfboards and gear. Internal seat belt straps help secure the boards from moving around during travel. Available in either a 2-3 board style or a deeper 3-4 board style.

Wheeled Coffin Bags- The wheeled coffin series bags are similar to the finless coffin 3-4 board bags in carrying capacity, but with an added wheel system to make a fully loaded bag easy to roll to the other end of the airport. These bags have all the bells and whistles a world traveling surfer needs and also comes in a 4-7 board option for those who can't decide which boards to bring and take them all.

Wheeled Coffin Surfboard Travel Bag


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