Close up of the micro-dot surf traction pad grooves.

Surf Traction Pads

Pro Lite’s Micro Dot surfboard traction pads have been proven to be lighter, grippier, and thinner for better board feel and control over standard EVA. Using only the finest 3M backing adhesive, Micro Dot V1 keeps your pad stuck to your board, as well as to your feet. Our Micro Dot V1 formula includes a thinner profile than standard EVA pads, which combined with our Micro Dot formula and our Pyramid bump design, creates maximum grip, better board feel, and a lightweight pad that you can feel confident leaning into.

 Our V2 Micro dot formula allows for even more board feel by removing the pyramids from the V1pad, resulting in an even lower profile for the purest who wants to maximize their board feel under their feet. The improved grip and reliability of the Micro Dot pattern has been proven through our roster of global athletes to be the closest feeling to wax, with the structure and confidence of a tail pad.

The V2 formula also further benefits the cold water surfer by giving a bit more leeway to adjust footing during the winter months if your local temps require you to don those clumsy booties.  Feel the board not the bulk with V2!  #ridemicrodot




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