Are you going to pretend like you're gonna put that pad on by yourself? You know what, Hendo always does my pads, signature pad I think I should do it by myself. This thing is sick! I think no stringer it makes it hard but I think I just nailed it. Big old kick so your foot won't slide off. Nice little arch to grip and rip your foot into, but I can't tell if it's straight. I might have just [ __ ] that up. Now that is just awful, maybe I shouldn't have done it. Well it's too late now.

How did that happen first session. Dude it was like the best pad I've ever had in my life, I'm serious. It was like suction cupping to my feet, everything felt so good and then it just decided to snap. Put on the pad round two. I think I just went for as straight as I can and if I cluster than I know its not gonna be straight. Bro that's pretty straight!

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Eithan Osborne Front Foot Traction Pad

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The Eithan Osborne front foot traction pad is a collaboration with Pro-Lite and STAB. This pad features a new Micro-Dot formula with a flat pattern, meaning no pyramids. This thin, low profile design allows for even better board feel while still maximizing grip.

  • Specifications

    • 2 piece pad.
    • Micro-Dot pattern.
    • Pad length 412mm, pad width 380mm.
    • Flat, no arch.
    • Designed for the front foot with center board placement.
Trigger Modal