This is the Pro-Lite session premium day bag. This bag accommodates one surfboard.

It features a number 8 non-corrosive molded zipper and 5 millimeter padding.

We've used a Velcro closure shoulder strap which eliminates a plastic fail point that is common on these board bags. This bag also has a padded shoulder strap and will stow away into the bag pocket.

The bag pocket also has a pullout wax storage pocket with Velcro closure.

This pocket can also be used to store fins or any other small accessories that fit. All of the session bags feature two ventilations points for cross ventilation keeping your boards nice and cool. The zipper on this bag is offset to keep the zipper away from the rail of the board, as well as to eliminate a fail point in most zippers. This bag also has a padded handle and features a semi reflective bottom material. The internal rail guard runs the length of the zipper which keeps the zipper away from any parts of your board.

The session has an internal storage pocket with velcro closure and an expandable fin gusset on the short board and fish styles. This bag also has a reinforced nose on both the top and bottom. The Session bag is available in short board, fish and longboard styles.

Session Premium Surfboard Day Bag - Shortboard

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Things are looking up, the economy is improving, so go ahead and splurge a little bit and step up to the Session Premium surfboard day bag. This bag was designed for shortboard templates and is packing 5mm of foam to give you that extra protection your board may need if you like to play rough. Need a place for your stash? Throw it in the secret pull out “storage” pocket. Don’t worry about salted zips on this bag; all molded non-corrosive zippers will keep the movement smooth for the life of the bag.

  • Specifications

    • Designed for day use.
    • 5mm padding.
    • Molded non-corrosive zippers.
    • New expanded fin gusset.
    • New upgraded 420d super light ripstop nylon on top.
    • Semi-reflective/heat resistant 266PE on bottom.
    • Custom Pro-Lite print panels.
    • Top zip flip top opening for ease in sliding your board in and out of the bag.
    • Strap pocket to stow strap and accessories during travel.
    • Padded shoulder strap with Velcro closure system.
    • Padded handle for extra comfort.
    • External wax/key pocket.
    • Fixed size hang tag.
    • Inner storage pocket.
    • Reinforced nose.
    • Rail guard around the zipper to protect your board.
    • Closeable vent to allow air flow to keep your board cool.
    • Short board styles, 24” width.
    • Keep in mind that the bag is "cut" 24" wide and will fit most boards equal or less than 21" wide depending on thickness.
    • This bag is cut close to 3" long so you don't have to size up.
    • Empty bag weight 3-5lbs depending on size.
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