Name- Matt Becker
Birth date- September 15, 1994                                               
Birth place- Santa Barbara, California
Sponsors- Harvest, Maui Jim, Pro-lite, Quickblade Paddles, Bark Paddleboards, H20 Overdrive, and Vertra
Free surf or contest- Depends on how good the surf is.
Favorite spot- Sunset Beach, California             
Best trip- Iceland by far, that place has so many untouched waves…it’s kind of ridiculous.
Favorite movie- Rock 'n' Rolla
Favorite Surfer- Mick Fanning, watching him surf Bells makes my day.
In my Ipod- Figure, Kendrick Lamar, ASAP Rocky, Darth and Vader, ZZ Top, Black Flag
Other than surfing I- Snowboard, snowboard some more, and fish commercially on the side with my pops.
Favorite Pro-Lite products- Micro-Dot traction pads

Trigger Modal