eithan osborne prolite surf team


Born: April 2nd 2000

Currently calling home: Pierpont

Best/proudest result: Winning the WQS 3000 in Israel

Magic Carpet: Channel Islands  5’8” Fred Rubble 2 With Futures Jack Freestones

Best Trip: Waco for the Stab High. Made $20k so that was cool.

Team Rider Since: 2007

Favorite wave: Soup Bowls

Do you think that Crocs have move passed the realm of heckling, and more towards being socially acceptable? Yes, they are comfortable and functional.  #socksncrocs

5 Travel necessities for a surf trip: Surfboard, board bag, deck of cards, noise cancelling headphones, and filmer or else it never happened. haha

One band for the rest of your life who is it? Nirvana

Before a heat I like to: Poop and listen to music.

Hit shuffle on your phone and name the first 3 songs that come up. No cheating, god is watching:

  1. Curmudgon by Nirvana
  2. Fog Breather by Sixes
  3. Hope by Bauhaus

Favorite surf/non surf movie: Loaded .  Law Abiding Citizens

Favorite Pro-Lite product: Two Piece Front Foot pad Micro Dot

Anything else? Hendo is a kook and so is Micah.

BLEACH from Salty Beards on Vimeo.


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