Josh Kerr 3 or 5 Piece Pro Surf Traction Pad

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This Josh Kerr traction pad is 3-pieces with 2 extra spacing strips as an option for wider tailed boards. This pad has a medium and kick and low arch. It features our Micro-Dot groove pattern giving it a light weight, responsive feel. Micro-Dot traction is thinner, absorbs less water and is less likely to rash your knees in tropical climates. Our Version 2, flat Micro-Dot formula is now available in one colorway.

 Josh Kerr surfboard traction pad specs


  • Specifications

    • 3 Piece Pad with 2 spacing strips as option for wider tailed boards.
    • Micro-Dot groove.
    • Pad length 317mm, width 341mm.
    • Kick height 28mm.
    • Arch-length 175mm, height 7mm, width varies.
Trigger Modal