Last year I was traveling throughout Europe and went through my first real check into the airport coming back home. I said I had two boards in my double board bag which I ended up having three, they caught me I lied, and I had to actually pay the 150 dollar difference with an extra piece inside my luggage. So that was that for me, I went to pro-lite and I was trying to figure out a way that we can hide the board and we came up with the smuggler.

 So this is how it works, throw one into the bottom partition grab your second surfboard, slide it right over the top now you're only showing two boards. Now that you have your two boards in on the other side flip over your board bag unzip your friend zipper, you still have one surfboard. Place your surfboard into the partition, now you have two after sliding my third board through the nose it is now showing two boards by hiding the top board unzip the board bag on the top to show two surfboards hiding the third one on the bottom so either way they check it looks proportionate for two boards and it feels like two boards because it's so light. 

The other thing that is cool is you can shrink your board bag down to a single by just using these strong attachments for velcro all the way through so if you only have two boards inside this board bag you can compress the tail down, there you go. Pro-Lite makes a really awesome shoulder pad that you can easily store away because you don't want it flapping around on top of your car or getting snagged when you're traveling. There's two vents on this bag for cross ventilation one here where it says storm proof and the other one here. Could pretty much do anything in this bag, I'll probably try to live out of it a little bit. The smuggler bag comes in six oh six three and a six six for your travelling needs, so that's a smuggler bag from Pro-Lite.

Pro-Lite Smuggler Series Surfboard Travel Bag (2+1 Boards Fish/Hybrid Style)

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1+1=3: The Smuggler Series surfboard travel bag is the perfect chance to save some money on your next trip. This bag was designed to hold 3 boards, but only show 2 when opened for that pre-flight check. A false bottom allows one board to always be hidden either way the bag is opened. This bag features a 600 Denier Poly material, 10mm AIR-LITE foam for added protection and molded #10 PK non-corrosive zippers to keep them from salting up. 

This fish/hybrid style template was designed for larger/wider boards up to around  23" wide depending on thickness.

  • Specifications

    • Designed for Airline Travel.
    • Designed to fit up to 3 wider surfboards with a little more volume than standard shortboards.
    • False bottom. Take 3 boards but only show 2 when they check your bag.
    • This bag is cut close to 3" long to better accommodate boards of equal size. For example: A 6'8 board that does not have a really rounded nose will fit in this 6'6 bag.
    • 600 Denier Poly.
    • 10mm AIR-LITE foam.
    • Molded #10 PK non-corrosive zippers.
    • Large exterior wetsuit/accessory pocket.
    • Top Zip flip top opening for ease in sliding your board in and out of the bag.
    • Strap pocket to stow strap and accessories during travel.
    • Padded deluxe shoulder strap.
    • Molded rubber handle for extra durability.
    • Inner storage pocket.
    • Reinforced nose.
    • External wax/key pocket.
    • Fixed size hang tag.
    • Rail guard around the zipper to protect your board.
    • Vent to allow air flow to keep your board cool.
    • This bag is cut 26.5" wide.
    • Empty bag weight 10-13lbs depending on size.
    • The largest board should be loaded tail first into the bottom of the nose section. Then the second two boards should be loaded nose first into the two openings in the tail section.
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