Are you going to pretend like you're gonna put that pad on by yourself? You know what, Hendo always does my pads, signature pad I think I should do it by myself. This thing is sick! I think no stringer it makes it hard but I think I just nailed it. Big old kick so your foot won't slide off. Nice little arch to grip and rip your foot into, but I can't tell if it's straight. I might have just [ __ ] that up. Now that is just awful, maybe I shouldn't have done it. Well it's too late now.

How did that happen first session. Dude it was like the best pad I've ever had in my life, I am serious. It was like suction cupping to my feet, everything felt so good and then it just decided to snap. Put on the pad round two. I think I just went for as straight as I can and if I cluster than I know its not gonna be straight. Bro that is pretty straight!

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Eithan Osborne Pro Traction Pad

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The Eithan Osborne tail traction pad features a new Micro-Dot formula with a flat pattern, meaning no pyramids. This thin design allows for even better board feel while still maximizing grip.

  • Specifications

    •  3 piece pad.
    • Micro-Dot pattern.
    • Pad length 315mm, pad width 310mm.
    • Kick height 30mm.
    • Arch Length 160mm, height 7mm, width 51mm.
    • This design is also available as front foot traction seen here.
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