Cam Richards Nearly Scores a Perfect Heat at Volcom Pipe Pro

Cam Richards Nearly Scores a Perfect Heat at Volcom Pipe Pro

Pro-Lite team rider Cam Richards had a stand out performance during day 3 of the recent Volcom Pipe Pro. The waves were a solid 6-8ft and continued to produce perfect barrels one would come to expect at Pipeline. Cam managed to produce a 19.83 combined heat total (out of a possible 20) for two incredibly deep, critical Backdoor barrels. The QS 3,000 saw the biggest and best waves of the event pump through the lineup with multiple excellent scores and an enthusiastic crowd to cheer on competitors.

Richards, 22, surfed in one of the last heats of the day against Manuel Selman (CHL), Aritz Aranburu (ESP) and fellow Pro-Lite team rider Cody Young (HAW) and remained active from the start to eventually find a lengthy right on his backhand. After a late drop, Richards set his rail, pulled in and remained buried in the barrel, emerging with the spray for a 9.83. In less than two minutes he paddled back out and swung into another Backdoor tube, this time releasing his hands from the rails and completely disappearing from view. He broke the scale and was awarded a perfect 10 from judges with his speed, style and technique.

"I got my 9 and I was paddling back out, low key super out of shape, I felt like I was going to drown and was thinking if a wave comes, I am done," Richards laughed post-heat. "And then the next wave came literally straight to me and I was like, ‘I'm not ready for this!' I was actually just tired once I got to my feet, I began to pump and then the wave spit which gave me the extra oomph to get out… I was having so much fun just after those two waves. So many different emotions going through, it was a very surreal moment, it didn't feel real."

From South Carolina, Richards is one of the best breakout surfers coming from the East Coast with the ultimate dream of qualifying for the World Tour. Just last month he scored another perfect 10 during the Florida Pro presented by Sunshine State Florida Lager and ultimately ended with a Quarterfinal finish.

"I want to qualify, I want to be on the World Tour super bad, but I try to stay as busy as possible with filming projects and just keeping a name for myself in every aspect, just because contests are so hit or miss," Richards continued. "This is actually my second QS of the year and I got a 10 in my first QS and now I got a 10 in this QS and I'm like, ‘if this isn't a good start to 2018 I'm not sure what is.' I'm just stoked, I'm super happy, hopefully I can keep the momentum going throughout the year and then do well out here during the Triple Crown also."

Richards has been traveling to the North Shore for 6-7 years, but a proper wave at Pipe has always eluded him until now.

"I still had never made a real Pipe wave, or Backdoor, and so that was a treat. I put in time out here for sure and caught a bunch of closeouts and spent my time, but those were definitely the best waves I've ever got out there period, hands down." Richards earned a set of KMC wheels for his 10-point ride, the second of the event after yesterday's perfect score from Finn McGill (HAW). When asked about making it through his 10 Cam commented with the following:


Cam went on to surf in the Finals at the Volcom Pipe Pro against Jamie O'Brien (HAW), Weslley Dantas (BRA) and Joshua Moniz (HAW) who ended up winning the event.

Cam has a new 2018 signature traction pad design coming soon featuring our Micro-Dot formula for a lighter, grippier, better board feel! You can view the pad here, available for purchase in a couple weeks.


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