Born: JULY/21/1997

Currently Calling Home: OAHU, Born and Raised

Best/Proudest Result: WORLD TOUR WIN IN BRAZIL and recently winning the Performance Paddling Junior Pro Event and the Santa Monica Pier Paddleboard Race

Magic Carpet: (your best board) 7’0X23”X3.7” FOCUS SUP SHAPED BY PAT RAWSON and recently my M3 SUP Raceboard from Focus that won the SMpaddleboard Race

Best Trip: TAHITI

Team Rider since? TODAY

Favorite Wave: ALI’I and some places in the Basque Country, Northern Spain 

How many pairs of Crocs have you owned in your lifetime ONE SO FAR, I WAS 3 YEARS OLD

I dance whenever I hear: BENNY BENASSI

Before a heat I like to: DANCE TO BENNY BENASSI


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