Jon Pyzel of Pyzel Surfboards

Occupation: owner/shaper 

Label:Pyzel Surfboards

Years shaping?  20

Birth place- santa barbara, ca

Currently calling home- North Shore, Oahu

Local Spot-  Rincon and Rocky Point            

Do you remember the first board you ever shaped? YEs

What were the dimensions? 6’2’’ 18.25 x 2.25

How did it go?  Pretty good!

Do you still own the first board you ever shaped?   I wish-- I sold it so I could make another one.

What board design are you most proud of? Why?

Probably the Pyzalien, because it is the one design that I make that pretty much every person who rides it likes.

What is the best thing about being a shaper? Worst thing?   I love my job, because shaping is so creative and interesting.  I get to travel the world and meet all kinds of great people, and surf good waves(sometimes).

The bad part is when I travel somewhere and the waves are crappy there, but the surf is going off at home.  My friends always text me to let me know that I’m missing it!!

And what makes Pyzel unique in the market?

We are really pretty much running a family business, even though it’s growing a lot now, and I am involved with all aspects of it.  I think of our company as my baby, not just some corporate entity that doesn’t have any soul to it.

Did you have a vision for Pyzel when you started the label? Has that changed?

I started shaping because I always loved surfboards.  After I started to see that my boards were working good for people, I decided that this was going to be my life-- making surfboards and having fun.  I am still having fun and things are going as good as I could have ever imagined. 

How does your background influence your business?

I moved to Hawaii in 1992 so that I could surf bigger, better waves in trunks, and now I am helping people to do the same thing.  Just being a surfer has lead me to having the business that I do, and lets me have a better handle on how the boards I am making work.

Growing up in Santa Barbara and the North Shore, who were some of the guys that made the biggest impact on you as a surfer? Shaper?

All the crew at Hammonds and Rincon pretty much molded me as far as surfing goes.  The list is too long there, but let’s just say there was/is a lot of talent in that area!!

Shaping is simple--- Matt Moore made most of my boards for me growing up, put me on his team, and gave me a job at his shop.  I saw how he lived his life around the ocean and surfing, and without even realizing it at the time that made me want to do the same.  He is still a close friend to me today.

In Hawaii Jeff Bushman took me under his wing and really opened up his vast knowledge of shaping to me!  He let me use his shaping room before I had my own, and gave me my first (and only) ghost shaping job.  His generosity gave me a jumpstart as far as shaping is concerned.  He is also a good friend of mine.

Magic board (Dimensions)-

5’9’’ x 18.63 x 2.13 volume 25.7 Pyzalien swallow tail

What inspires you most in conceptualizing a new model?

It’s just fun to think something up, create it in foam, and have someone go rip on it!!

What one person (besides yourself) would you want to test pilot a new model?

I am lucky to have probably the best test pilot around-- John John- and he’s pretty fun to watch ride a surfboard!!

Shorter and wider seem to be trending now in board design. What do you see as the next functional trend in board design?

 I think we are going to stay in that same realm for as long as everyone is enjoying their boards, but I do see potential in new materials and constructions.

Do you listen to music while shaping?  If yes, who?

I always play music when I shape, nice and loud.  I listen to all kinds of music, depending on my mood, a few of my favorites right now are Kings of Leon, Ray Lamontagne, Jay Z, Elvis Costello and John Butler.

Where do you see boards going in the next 5 years?

I have a hard time thinking that far ahead-- I’m kind of a “today” guy, so I will just say BETTER.

Anything I missed? I’ve got 2 beautiful girls and an amazing, beautiful wife!! Life is good.

Favorite Pro-Lite product- I love your traction pads, perfect firmness and some good looking colors!  And your board bags are the best in the biz!

And thanks for the support!!!!

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