Occupation: shaper

Label: Chemistry Surfboards 

Birth place- Pasadena, Ca

Currently calling home- Oceanside, Ca 

Local Spot-  Southside Pier           

Do you remember the first board you ever shaped?  Yes it is still in the factory. I see it every day

What were the dimensions? 6'1 18 3/8 2 3/8

How did it go? It went well! I have a theory that the first board anyone shapes themselves works. Mentally your so hyped you make it go good.

Do you still own the first board you ever shaped? yes

What board design are you most proud of? Why? Our Chemzen model. Its one of the models that everyone who rides it has positive feedback.  Its designed for getting tubed which has to be one of the best things in the world to do!

Who makes up Chemistry Surfboards? And what roles do each of you play in the day to day business? Myself , Will Smith, Eric Warner, Jammer,  jason- shape/marketing Will- sales/marketing Eric- graphic design/marketing Jammer- production

And what makes Chemistry unique? We build everything in the USA in house, sales, marketing, shaping and glassing.  We all surf and live the lifestyle we sell. 

Did you have a vision for Chemistry when you started the label? Has that changed?  yes we had a vision in the beginning , things have changed over the years  do to the economy and different personnel.

How does your background as a professional surfer influence your business? It helps due to the fact I can relate to the kids we sponsor. I'm able to dial there equipment into places they travel too, because iI have been to many of the locations. 

Growing up in Oceanside, who were some of the guys that made the biggest impact on you as a surfer? Shaper?  Michael Baron, Wally Puha, David Barr, Scott Rasiback

Magic board (Dimensions)- 5'9 19 1/8  2 7/16

What inspires you most in conceptualizing a new model? The way the kids are surfing!

What one person (besides yourself) would you want to test pilot a new model? Tom Curren

Shorter and wider seem to be trending now in board design. What do you see as the next functional trend in board design? Different Materials

Do you listen to music while shaping?  If yes, who? yes- Blame one, and Harry Fraud

Where do you see boards going in the next 5 years? Back to The USA.  

Anything I missed? perfect 

Favorite Pro-Lite product- Chemistry collab pad!


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