3D Fins Quad Medium Full Base

3D Fins Quad Medium Full Base

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3D Fins Quad Medium Full Base


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MOONRAKERR Quad 5.0 Full Base
If you're part of the quad squad you must try these. Dimple technology adds more drive, increases speed down the line and improves maneuverability.
If you''re deep in the tube and the lights fading, these just might be the difference between making it or taking it.

Great for all conditions.

The MOONRAKERR™ has been designed to give extra speed and drive both down the line and through critical turns.
Computer Flow Dynamic tests have proven the dimples on the MOONRAKERR increases lift and drive significantly.
This gives a surfer the ability to gain more speed, and with more speed comes the opportunity for more advanced maneuvers.
Constructed in Fiber Reinforced Thermo-Polymer Composite.

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